Process for Onboarding to BMV SIC with Mex-Trade

Bienvenido! Welcome to the Mexican Exchange

The time from delivering documents to actual listing takes an average of 4 weeks. 

Get Listed on the Mexican BMV SIC

Steps to Complete Your Company Listing on SIC

1. Complete Consulting Agreement with LEJC, SA (Mex-Trade)

2. Submit Payment according to agreement with LEJC, SA

3. Complete Documentation for Mexican Exchange listing BMV or BIVA - SIC Listing Request (4 Pages)

4. Receive Updates on progress and  remain available for prompt response to additional information requests (If Necessary) until your exchange symbol is placed into the Mexican stock exchange listing service.

NOTE: Upon Submission of your company Pre-Qualification Form, Your Company will be assigned a Mex-Trade financial service listing consultant that will guide you throughout the process. 

Payment for Service will receive your payments in 3 different forms:

1. Bitcoin or other CryptoCurrency (PREFERRED)

2. Wire to LEJC, SA (Instructions upon request)

3. Invoice for Credit Card via PayPal

*All additional fees associated with payment(s) will apply.


Steps to take after Listing on the BMV SIC

1. Upon Listing Acceptance, Your Native Public Symbol will be listed on the Mexican Exchange: BMV or BIVA as an SIC.

2. Your Listing will look like this:  (Your Mex-Trade Consultant will guide you through this website to demonstrate how your company will show up next to major global conglomerates).

3. Start Publicity. 

4. Discuss Expansion of your products and services into Mexico with your Mex-Trade financial service listing Consultant.

Watch your volume increase as your new market conduit increases volume in your native equities market.

Start Publicity

Placing your company on the Mexican Exchange is a great start. Now let the people know who you are and what you are about.  Consider exposing yourself to the Mexican news agencies and inform your Public Relations and Investor Relations departments of your Mexican listing so they can maximize your listing. 

The Best Option for maximizing time is to ask your Mex-Trade Consultant about Publicity in Mexico. 

Documents for Listing

Mex-Trade Info Sheet (Listing BMV SIC) (pdf)


Mex-Trade Consulting & Payment 21k (pdf)