Mex-Trade, through its network, can introduce your company to Investment Banks that are actively looking to place millions to billions of dollars into companies through debt, equity or combinations of both. 

By listing on the SIC, your company will be exposed to millions of investors, investment banks, banks and brokerage houses with global credibility. 

One of the current advantages to the listing is the ability to permit trading in your native stock market for a simple fee, buying the protection of continued liquidity. Having placement on the Mexican Exchange  SIC system, opens your company to interest from Ibanks and the entire financial community.

Another advantage is the ability to earn stakes from the financial community in transactions that will have transparency., benefiting your company, Mexican investors and the economy of Mexico. Mexico is seeking the placement of its capital into established micro economies with a bona-fide market value to gain credit for foreign investment and leverage its stakes into companies for overall trade balance on the international stage. 

Mexico is the 12th largest economy in the world with first world financial systems making business conduct easy and more than affordable. The price of money in Mexico continues to offer the most competitive value for capital availability than any other option other than free money or Nationalized bailouts. 

For more information, contact a Mex-Trade representative today. 

$ Billions Looking For You

Below is a list of Mexican Ibanks that are accessible via Mex-Trade network. Mex-Trade listing service and and subsequent network can place you at the deal table in hours or days.


Grupo Financiero Interacciones


Grupo Santander


BBVA Bancomer

Banamex Citi group international

Grupo Bursatil



Credit Suisse First Boston 

Eliminate Language, Cultural or Knowledge Barriers with

Language and cultural barriers can add precious time to any financing and often interfere in such a way that conducting business across these lines makes transcendence impossible. Mex-Trade has multilingual staff and contacts to bring money and consumption together quickly. However, the most impeding factor in access to capital can be common misconceptions that are farcical yet ubiquitous. Contact to day to determine the availability of capital to your business from the Mexican Financial Community. Mex-Trade takes the guesswork out and provides a knowledge base in your native language with understanding at par with your time.